Pick your builder 

Let Alicia Terry help you build a custom home with a simplified process . Building a custom home doesn't have to be scary

We have two excellent builders for you to choose from.  Now that you have gone through the previous steps, we will have a pretty good idea which builder will work best for you. Below, you will find information for both  builders with examples of their quality and some floor plans. Our builders will build on any lot and can build a great home in each price range. Our builders build with standard 2x6 framing which gives you a better insulation value in your home. We have interviewed them, walked through their homes at all stages, and talked to past customers to make sure they are great builders. In short, we have done the leg work so you don't have to! We can also help with finding the best location and lot and determine your best financing options for the build.

Huntington Homes 

RC Dent Construction 


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